Submission Guidelines

It is a fact we all must live with that there are rules for practically everything. Here are mine.


This is a Christian-based company.  I do not, however, judge you for what religion you are.  I simply ask that no religious material be submitted.


And, as this is a Christian-based company, no spiritistic material(vampires, ghosts, palm-readings, seances or anything remotely like these)will be tolerated.


Also, profane language is prohibited.  And yes, hell is a bad word in my book(unless you are referring to the place that some believe in).  Some people aren't clear on that but there you go.


Furthermore, while I am a sucker for a chaste romance, I will not accept any lewd or sexual material, be it heterosexual, homosexual, or other forms of sexual material.  If any submission has anything that makes me even remotely uncomfortable, I will send it back.  This includes innuendo.


Also, no racism or prejudice of any kind.


If your submission follows these guidelines, feel free to contact me through this site.  Once you've contacted me, I will proceed to ask you if your submission contains any of the above material.  My information will be available on the Contact Me page.  I will not, however, read any unsolicited material.


My pricing will depend on the length of the book(how many words, how many pages, etc...).   Be sure your word count is displayed prominently on the front of your manuscript.  Simply put your name(or pseudonym), the title of your book and its word count on a sticky note on the front of your manuscript.


 Be sure to include with your manuscript the picture you would like featured on your cover.


Submissions must be on a CD and on good-old-fashioned paper.


*Prices will be subject to change at any time.